Board of Georgetown Pediatrics

As of February 2018

Georgetown University and MedStar Georgetown University Hospital recognize that a key mission of an academic medical center is to provide personalized medical care of the highest quality combined with state-of-the-art medical technology. Our programs provide the most advanced treatments, but do so in the context of "cura personalis" - care of the whole person.


Board Members

Gary P. Fitzgerald, Chairman

Nahla Al-Zuhair

Dona Bainbridge

Joseph Doyle

Michele Finn

Mary M. Hoobler

Gordon F. Howard

Clinton Key

Tracy Key

Cathleen M. Koch

Edward R. Leahy

Patricia C. Leahy

Talal Nsouli, MD

Paul S. Pastor

Gail P. Romansky

Marian Scully

Ex-Officio Board Members

Karen M. Alcorn

Michael J. Donnelly, MD

Nora M. Frieden

Greg Gromada

Margaret L. Harriger

Phyllis R. Magrab, PhD

Lauren A. Majeski

Pamela R. Maroulis

David B. Nelson, MD, MSc

K.N. Siva Subramanian, MD

Regina Knox Woods


The proceeds from the Nineteenth Annual Georgetown Pediatrics Gala will support pediatric researchers in their work advancing children's health and welfare. Additionally, the 2018 Gala proceeds will be used for clinical, teaching, and community pediatric programs that support children and families served at MedStar Georgetown University Hospital in the Department of Pediatrics.